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Tama County
Solid Waste Disposal Commission

The Tama County Landfill is managed by the Tama County Solid Waste Disposal Commission, which is an organization of communities in Tama County. Commission membership includes Chelsea, Clutier, Dysart, Elberon, Garwin, Gladbrook, Lincoln, Montour, Tama, Toledo, Traer, Vining, unincorporated areas of Tama County, and the Meskwaki Nation. The landfill is supported financially by a per capita fee and rates paid for waste disposal and recycling services at the landfill.

Image by Gary Chan

Commission Members

Each member city and nation appoints one representative, and each member of the three member Tama County Board of Supervisors serves as a representative. In January 2025, unincorporated Tama County will start being represented by one supervisor and two residents appointed by the supervisors.

Image by Nick Fewings


Chair: Linn Snell

Vice Chair: Steve VanDeWalle

Executive Board

Steve VanDeWalle

Bryan Ellenbecker

Bart Jensen


Chelsea: Steve VanDeWalle

Clutier: Linda Pearson

Dysart: Bart Jensen

Elberon: Linn Snell

Garwin: Rick Raymond

Gladbrook: Dwight Surber

Lincoln: No appointed representative

Montour: No appointed representative

Tama: Bryan Ellenbecker

Toledo: Les Richter

Traer: Jon Panfil

Vining: No appointed representative

Tama County: Curt Hilmer, Bill Faircloth, Dan Anderson

​Meskwaki Nation: No appointed representative

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The Commission meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month, except December, unless a special meeting is necessary.  Unofficial meeting minutes are available below. Official minutes are published in the Tama Toledo News Chronicle.

There was no Commission meeting held in January and February.

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